Group Counseling

ACS 600- Group Counseling Theory and Practice

Professor: Dr. George Gonzalez, Ph.D.


Primarily asynchronous online sourse with some synchronous group components.

Modality: Online

COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is designed to provide you with a thorough background in the techniques and theories of group counseling.  How group therapy and individual therapy can be integrated using the cognitive-behavioral approach is examined.  Additionally, how the group modality of treatment can be used in the treatment of substance abusers. Group counseling is generally considered an effective, efficient modality of treatment and is preferred to individual counseling in many settings. While there is some overlap in the skill sets between individual and group modalities, there are also some pronounced differences.

Despite the online class does have a specific focus, students are encouraged to set individual learning goals and work toward those throughout the course and develop own learning goals and choose assignments helping to attain these goals.