Drug Abuse and Counseling

ACS 595 

Instructor: Dr. George Gonzalez, Ph.D.


COURSE OVERVIEW: This course covers an approach for assessing and treating alcohol and drug-abusing/dependent patients in the modalities of drug abuse and counseling. This course will introduce students to the fundamental concepts of AODA counseling. It will cover all aspects of the scope of practice for substance use disorder practitioners. The AODA Counseling profession encompasses a number of knowledge and skill areas and this course will provide the student with an introduction to all of those areas. The course will give students an overview of the practice of individual, group, and family counseling. Students will also be introduced to the skills an AODA counselor needs to have a working knowledge of in order to practice the AODA counseling profession. The course will also give students a basic knowledge of the disease concept of Chemical Dependency, drug actions and interactions, as well as, familiarize them with current treatment methods and practices in the AODA field.