Ethics in Counseling

ACS 580- Ethics Counseling

Professor: Dr. George Gonzalez, Ph.D.


COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is designed to provide you with a general and vital background in ethical and issues as they relate to the field of counseling.


The course covers legal and ethical aspects of counseling and psychology, particularly the interrelationship of ethical standards and legal regulation in professional counseling, education, and psychology. This course examines ethical, legal, and professional issues in counseling practice. Students learn to utilize ethical decision-making based upon the standards of the American Counseling Association and laws governing professional counselors. Ethical standards, litigation and legal regulation are examined in regard to professional practice.


This course is designed to address ethical and legal considerations for professional counseling, education, and psychology. It covers ethical standards for addiction counseling, clinical counseling, school counseling, couple and family counseling, and psychology. It also addresses litigation and legal regulation in regard to rofessional practice. The course will introduce students to ethical standards of professional organizations and credentialing bodies (i.e. ethical standards of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and related entities, and applications of ethical and legal considerations in professional counseling, Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, CACREP). It covers ethical and legal considerations of Professional Identity, Social and Cultural Diversity, Human Growth and Development, Career Development, Helping Relationships, Group Work, Assessment Research and Program Evaluation.

This class is taught in online modality by lecture//activity format. Students are involved in learning in many ways (lectures, activities and projects).