Counseling Techniques and Theories

ACS 530

Instructor: Dr. George Gonzalez, Ph.D.


General Course Information

This course serves as a basic introductory course in the master curriculum.

COURSE OVERVIEW: A study of the philosophical and theoretical bases of the helping process. Includes study of major counseling theories, basic helping skills, and applications to diverse populations. Also includes professional issues related specifically to the counseling process. In this course you will examine broad landscape of counseling theory and techniques including social-cultural perspective, specific therapeutic skills and professional issues.  You will examine the various theoretical approaches, the need to apply different therapeutic approaches with different client presenting problems and the areas of specialty that exist in the field of counseling. This course is designed to help students learn major theoretical systems of counseling and psychotherapy, with a special emphasis on how clients in therapy change and how to conceptualize clients’ presenting concerns from theoretical points of view. Issues related to application of theory in practice, especially those related to individual/cultural diversity will be addressed and emphasized.